Hostile to the Past, Impatient of the Present

by The Virgin Spring

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Maya Chun - Bass/Guitar/Vocals/Songwriting
John Sciortino - Bass/Guitar/Vocals/Songwriting
Mac Porter - Bass/Guitar/Songwriting
Justin Chang - Bass/Drums


released December 8, 2014

Engineered by Mac Porter and Maya Chun
Album art by AJ Teall
Photos by Joseph Xu



all rights reserved


The Virgin Spring Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: Kerosene
to sleep, perchance to dream
to dream, perchance to sleep
to sleep, perchance to grieve
to grieve, perchance to sleep

subconsciously absorbing defeat (catching up on all my sleep while missing out on everything)
refusal becomes me (subconsciously reminded of my patterns, faults, and weak defeats)
my arms into fine dust crumble (i won't tell you, you can't tell me)
painstakingly i admit i am shallow (i won't tell you, you can help me)
fatal focus on flesh survival (i won't tell you, you can't tell me)
nascent self-inflicted cycle (i won't tell you, you can't help me)

so i'll ignite and burn brightly
short-lived, searing, our smoke billows through the trees
Track Name: Caesura
i don't need to understand you
what difference does it make
you tried all you could to stand you
you had all you could take

god knows you tried
i know you tried

it happens to the best of us (and you were)
you were better than all of us (you were)

god knows i could
i know i could
Track Name: Evening Patterns
constantly falling into old habits
of taking a step back

i’m finally counting on all of my friends
while keeping up a state where
i’m renowned for knowing what’s best
and catching onto you

i’m finally counting on my second guess
after getting myself ahead of you
with an overridden case of pale regret
while I’m sanctioned off in sorrow

it seems we’re in a place where were falling apart
but where was I to witness that there even was a start
and it’s finally occurring that I’ll never make a run
or even bring up the truth
while you’re running around

so draw out a prophecy
and send me away
i'm better at you than me
and it’s all still the same
i’m uncomfortable knowing
that it’s just a game
Track Name: Hush
silence denotates submission
long-withstanding absent diction

language fails me
words mean nothing

all i offer despite friction
all i offer is transition